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SUPPLY POINTe offers more than 35 years of industry experience to help you meet your needs

Trucking Services


New and recycled pallets available for your needs.

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We offer more than 30 years of expertise in the transportation industry.

Trucking Services

Pallet Supplier in Morrow, OH

We allow you to recycle your used pallets for cash when you bring us your pallets, and we have a minimum pallet pick-up or removal of 100 pallets or more. When it comes to successfully fulfilling your company logistics, pallets are essential. SUPPLY POINTe helps industries by selling durable pallets to transport their cargo with ease.

Our pallet supplier has new and used pallets for sale. As one of the premier pallet companies in Ohio, we aid your logistics process with custom pallets to last you for the long haul. Interested in pallet recycling? We allow you to recycle your used pallets for cash when you bring us your pallets. 


Freight Shipping

Ensuring your cargo gets shipped over long distances with minimal risk is made possible with SUPPLY POINTe. We can transport your cargo in bulk by land, sea, or air. Our team ensures your shipment is properly packaged and secured to get it where you need to go safely.

Whether you’re shipping overseas or across the US, SUPPLY POINTe is here to assist. Learn more about our freight shipping services by contacting us today!


Whether you are a distributor, a supplier, or a manufacturer in the Morrow area, SUPPLY POINTe is the logistics company you need. When you're looking for better efficiency in your supply chains and shipping processes, you are looking for people like us. Not only are we renowned for our effective services, but we are also famous for providing customers with great deals!

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