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Providing efficient business operation solutions every day for manufacturers and operations managers is our mission at SUPPLY POINTe Cincinnati. We are your one-stop shop for all of your transportation, packaging, waste removal, and pallet supply needs. Whether you need pallets to move your product, packaging supplies for safe transport, or reliable transportation service to make deliveries to 48 states, contact us today and see how we can fulfill all of your needs.

Freight Shipping

Historically when transportation experts referred to freight shipping, we were talking specifically about moving goods for commercial purposes via ships on waterways. These days, freight shipping simply refers to any kind of commercial shipping of bulk items. It can take place via land, sea, or air; and no matter what’s being shipped or where it’s going, SUPPLY POINTe’s freight shipping specialists can help coordinate your shipment effectively and economically.

What makes freight shipping different?

Freight shipping moves at a more conventional speed when compared with express shipping, and the term typically refers to the movement of bulk goods from Point A to Point B. For this reason, freight shipping is almost synonymous with full truckload shipping.

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For a free quote on freight shopping as well as creative solutions in managing all of your packaging and distribution needs, call us today at (513) 403-4943. We look forward to working with you.

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